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When to Use the Client Portal vs cPanel

In this tutorial we will explain the difference between the Client Portal and cPanel control panel. We will also discuss when to use one or the other.

What is the Client Portal?

The Client Portal is a private area for MCloud9 customers to access their billing information, view and make changes to their products and services and get help using our priority ticket support system. 

The most important uses of the Client Portal is for customers to:

Learn how to easily access your Client Portal.

When to use the Client Portal?

Use the Client Portal to manage your MCloud9 account details, pay invoices, change/renew your products and services, get help with billing and technical support and access your webmail.

What is the cPanel control panel?

The cPanel control panel is the area where you can create and manage your email accounts, website(s), subdomain(s), database(s) and much more.
This is a more technical area that the website developer will normally request access to in order to set up the website and email accounts.

Learn how to access your cPanel control panel.

When to use cPanel control panel?

Use cPanel to add/edit/remove website files and databases, install apps, create domain redirects and subdomains, access/modify DNS settings, create backups, and so much more.

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